75 years at the IHR

In 2008 the VCH celebrated 75 years of being housed at the Institute of Historical Research. As part of the celebration, we organised a special seminar series, published The Little Big Red Book and commissioned a thematic gallery of photographs.

A special seminar series

The inaugural seminar, on 22 January, will be given by the director of the VCH, Professor John Beckett. The second will be given by Dr Carenza Lewis from Channel 4's Time Team, the third by Professor Chris Dyer of the Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester, and the final seminar will be given by Professor Tom Williamson, from the University of East Anglia.
Download seminar flier here.

The Little Big Red Book

This commemorative publication celebrates 75 years of the association between the Victoria County History and the Institute of Historical Research. The former director of the VCH, Professor John Beckett, looks back at the origins of the organisation, the events that led to it being taken on by the IHR, the developments that have taken it into the 21st century, and at what the future might hold. Lavishly illustrated with images from VCH volumes, the book contains information on the counties covered by the project and a list of general editors, directors, deputy editors and architectural editors past and present. As a complement to the General Introduction to