VCH Advisory Board

The VCH is supported as a national enterprise by an Advisory Board, which normally consists of no more than fifteen members. Currently five represent the academic interests of the VCH in Higher Education Institutes, five represent those who help fund the VCH activity through county councils and dedicated county trusts, and five represent related specialist organisations.

The Board meets on at least two occasions each year and receives reports on VCH activities centrally and in the counties. It helps to develop the VCH’s strategic aims and approves its Annual Report and accounts. The Board's Minutes are approved by the Advisory Council of the Institute of Historical Research, which is responsible for the managing the VCH. The IHR Advisory Council is consulted before any amendments are made to the Advisory Board’s constitution and VCH scheme of management.

The role of the Advisory Board

Currently the Advisory Board:

• Agrees its constitution and terms of reference;
• Advises on matters associated with the writing of the Victoria County Histories;
• Agrees the strategic objectives for the VCH and the operational plan designed to take the strategic objectives forward;
• Advises on all major policy changes and initiatives;
• Agrees the publishing strategy and maintain an overview of all aspects of the publications operation;
• Maintains an overview of the financial position of the VCH within the IHR. (This involves receiving the annual accounts of the VCH and the IHR, and statements of VCH income and expenditure and budgets for the following financial year);
• Maintains an overview of work being undertaken in the counties including progress with projects, st