VCH at the Royal Cornwall Show June 2013

Royal Cornwall Show, Wadebridge, June 2013


We may love history and delving into the past but that doesn’t mean that we can’t embrace all that the 21st century has to offer – and we certainly did that with our display at the Show this year! Two very smart, informative banners replaced the usual panel display; we had a lively, informative account of our work running on a loop on the laptop; and samples of the first part of the St Stephen’s book on CD for those who were interested.


Of course, there were copies of documents – inventories, wills, and so on – for visitors to see what our volunteers work on, as well as folders full of transcripts, showing just how much has been achieved over the last few years.


And for those who like a challenge, Alice had devised some fiendishly difficult puzzles for our competition: well done the two worthy winners who each received a £25 voucher.


This year we were delighted not to be buffeted by gale force winds and torrential rain and the sun shone on every one of the three days. Thanks to everyone who worked on the display and those who volunteered to help at the stall.