Clacton VCH Group (Clacton at War)

In 2002 VCH Essex helped set up a new project with the purpose of encouraging and enabling local people in Clacton to compile their own history of the town during WWII, using valuable local knowledge and contacts. Some of the initial volunteers were drawn from the Clacton and District Local History Society, and major financial support to start the work came from the VCH Essex Appeal Fund and the VCH Trust.

The group has been enormously successful, producing a best-selling history of the town, an archive of documents, photographs and artifacts, and an educational website. It has also run a number of popular events and is currently engaged in a detailed survey of the WWII defences along this stretch of the Essex coast. The importance of its work has been recognized by two large Lottery grants to fund equipment and professional assistance

We thank all these organizations for their help and encouragement. From the start the project's work has depended upon its volunteers. The regular meetings, which are held in Clacton, function as a kind of workshop, where members report back on what they have done and discuss together the problems that arise, benefiting from the guidance and training in basic historical research skills provided by VCH staff.

Original Objectives

An important aspect of the developing project has been the formulation by the group itself of a specific set of objectives:
•To create a collection of resources on Clacton in the Second World War including notes, photographs, tapes, and artefacts. These are stored in the Clacton S