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In 2010, the Sussex VCH published the second volume covered in the Rape of Arundel;

VCH Sussex Volume V Part 2: Littlehampton and District, Arundel Rape (South-Eastern Part)

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The City of Brighton and Hove

Work is also ongoing elsewhere in Sussex and we are currently in the early stages of work on Brighton.  Since Brighton and Hove are so complex, with a population in 2001 of almost ½ million people, this will be the largest place to be tackled by the VCH since Birmingham in the 1960s.

'Part 1' of the project will be a series of chronological chapters which tell the story of Brighton in a rounded and integrated way, covering topographical, economic and social, religious, and political history, and moving from the pre-urban area through the early town and surrounding villages to the modern city and suburbs.

'Part 2' will form a 'reference section' with more detailed information given on some of the themes tackled in Part 1 and additonal themes such as education, administration and the City's places of worship. 

Articles based on this research have already been published by Sue Berry which cover in depth aspects of the history of the City which are very important but cannot be discussed in great depth in a book which is covering so many themes.  Some myths about the City's history have had to be tackled such as the portrayal of Brighton as an impoverished fishing village which was transformed by the arrival of George, Prince of Wales in the 1780s. It is also clear that Thomas Read Kemp, a member of the local gentry and the developer of the ambitious Kemp Town was not bankrupted.

We hope that the publications resulting from this project will form both a lasting work of reference and a sophisticated and readable urban biography.

For more information about the Brighton project, or to volunteer, contact Sue Berry.



Sussex Vol I
William Page
Jan 1905
Sussex Vol II
William Page
Jan 1907
Sussex Vol III
L.F. Salzman
Jan 1935
Sussex Vol IX
L.F. Salzman
Jan 1937
Sussex Vol VII
L.F. Salzman
Jan 1940

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