Locality and Region Seminar 2016-17

The seminar welcomes all those who are interested in the relationship between local and national history and who wish to share ideas, viewpoints and work in progress. It seeks to make an original contribution to local and regional history by drawing upon the long-established national resources of the VCH and co-operating with participants from universities, record offices, local history societies and heritage organisations, as well as with those engaged in independent research. If you would like to join our e-mailing list, please contact rebecca.read@sas.ac.uk.

The first seminar of this series will beheld on Tuesday 29th November 2016 beginning at 5.15pm, Institute of Historical Research, room N304

Robert Tittler (Professor Emeritus, Carleton University)

Weather, War, and Dearth:  The View from Stockton-upon-Tees, 1779-1801

This paper deals with the recently discovered journal of the Quaker schoolmaster, John Chipchase, who recorded events in and around his native town of Stockton between about 1799 and 1801.  Chipchase's career is briefly noted by subsequent historians of Stockton and of Durham, but none of them seem to have known of his journal.  Chipchase comments on all sorts of things, but especially weather, war and dearth as they impacted upon his native town and region. Perhaps of equal importance are  his lengthy excerpts from  another journal, kept by a Robert Stock, also from Stockton, which begins in c. 1685 and is now lost.  A lay person of modest social status, Chipchase's interests paint him as a man of the Enlightenment, whose observations are novel, important of often unique.

The programme can be dowloaded at the bottom of this page and is available on the website of the Institute of Historical Research.

Convenors:  Adam Chapman (VCH, IHR), Matthew Bristow (VCH, IHR), Dr Christopher Currie (IHR), Dr Gill Draper (University of Kent), Dr Alan Thacker (IHR)


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