Locality and Region Seminar 2014-15

The seminar welcomes all those who are interested in the relationship between local and national history and who wish to share ideas, viewpoints and work in progress. It seeks to make an original contribution to local and regional history by drawing upon the long-established national resources of the VCH and co-operating with participants from universities, record offices, local history societies and heritage organisations, as well as with those engaged in independent research. If you would like to join our e-mailing list, please contact rebecca.read@sas.ac.uk.

Please check back for the programme for 2014/15 which will be available here and on the website of the  Institute of Historical Research shortly.

Convenors: Professor Richard Hoyle (VCH, IHR), Adam Chapman (VCH, IHR), Professor John Beckett (University of Nottingham), Matthew Bristow (VCH, IHR), Dr Christopher Currie (IHR), Dr Gill Draper (University of Kent), Dr Alan Thacker (IHR)

Podcasts of previous seminars

28 January 2014 - Louise Rayment (Southampton) - 16th Century Musical and Literary Networks in the Parish of St Mary-at-Hill, London.

To listen to this seminar click here.

11 February 2014 - Simon Draper (VCH Oxfordshire) - New Light on English Surnames: the 'Family Names of the UK' research project at UWE, Bristol

To listen to this seminar click here.

25 March 2014 - Colm Thrush (University of British Columbia/IHR) - 'Indigenous London' - perspectives of the indigenous peoples of Empire on the Empire's capital

To listen to this seminar click here


If you would like to contribute to future seminars, please contact Adam.Chapman@sas.ac.uk