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Learn to write for the VCH
Progress report, February 2015
Medieval Hunting Park
The Death of the Deer Park: Disparkment in England 1500 - 1800
A walk around Higher and Quay towns Minehead
The Gordon Riots by John Seymour Lucas
Join us for an exciting talk by Professor Tim Hitchcock on the most serious instance of civil unrest in modern British history - the Gordon Riots. This is the third talk in the current season of the Westminster History Club, a social event where you can enjoy a glass of wine or soft drink and a chance to share your interest in London's history. Talks are open to all and tickets are £10 at the event.
‘“A Motley Company of Halt, Maimed Blinkards”: The Pensioners of the Chest at Chatham and their London Creditors’ -Caroline Nielsen
William Dampier
A talk to mark the 300th anniversary of his death
On the Road: Travel Writing in the Pre-Railway Age