Chester V, Part 2

Edited by: 
C. P. Lewis and A. T. Thacker
First Published: 
1 January, 2005

This second volume on Chester presents detailed histories and descriptions of both major and minor aspects of the physical, cultural and social development of the city, much of which remains evident today. The five sections cover: Local Government and Public Services Includes lost municipal buildings such as the Pentice and the Exchange, the elaborate system of law courts, and the city's pioneering medical services. Economic Infrastructure and Institutions Chester's transport links, markets and fairs, mills and fisheries, and craft guilds. Churches and Other Religious Bodies The history, with descriptions of buildings, of every known congregation in the city. Major Buildings The Cathedral and Close, the castle, the city walls and gates, and the Rows,included in a systematic account of the most notable features of Chester's built environment. Leisure and Culture Histories of the mystery plays and civic celebrations, Chester Races, sports, music, schools, libraries, museums, newspapers, and open spaces.Other contributors: JULIA BARROW Utilities; JOHN HERSON Canals; AIDAN LAWS Charities; DAVID MILLS Plays, Sports, Customs; MALCOLM SEABORNE Education. Full index to V.i. and V.ii, including subjects. V.i. contains an index only of persons, places, and buildings mentioned in that part.

This clearly written and lavishly illustrated work of reference is, of course, a necessary purchase for all libraries but it can also be unreservedly recommended to urban and local historians. HISTORY
One of the best urban volumes that the VCH has ever produced. Unquestionably the most important book ever written on the city. NORTHERN HISTORY, XLIII
Shows many of the strengths of the VCH: evident scholarship and assiduous research combined with an accessible and easy style of presentation which encourages the casual reader to read on. [...] [It] will remain as an impressive and valuable contribution to the historiography of Cheshire. CHESHIRE HISTORY, vol. 45, 2005