Support VCH Cornwall

The revival of the Victoria County History in Cornwall has been hugely successful. It has the goodwill and active support of many organisations and individuals in the public and volunteer sectors throughout the county.

The story of Cornwall through the millennia, of its towns and villages, its urban and rural communities, is unrivalled. Its telling, directed at the widest possible audience, is an initiative of the greater importance not only for the people of Cornwall today, tomorrow, but also to those who live worldwide, of Cornish extraction, as well as others who have a feeling for and an interest in this unique part of the British Isles and its history. For, as HRH The Duke of Cornwall has said in Cornwall's Millennium Book - "Cornwall For Ever! Kernow Bys Vyken!" -

"To understand ourselves we need to know where we have come from and to know something of our roots."

Those who are dedicated to the faithful telling of Cornwall's story are determined that this work, now re-started, will continue for as long as there is a story to tell. In this, we need your help! Not just by writing a cheque and sending it to us, although any such gift will be hugely appreciated. Each year we shall be organising fundraising activities that will be fun. We shall be giving these full publicity, not least on this web site. So, please, log on from time to time, to find out the progress we are making and to discover more about our activities and events.