County Plan for VCH Derbyshire

County sets of VCH consist of introductory `General' volumes, containing essays relating to the county as a whole, followed by `Topographical' volumes made up of accounts of each parish in the county. A `parish' in this case means an ancient ecclesiastical parish (i.e. one that existed before 1801), rather than a modern civil parish created in 1894 or later, many of which were previously townships within ecclesiastical parishes. The parishes are grouped within `Hundreds', the subdivisions of county which in Derbyshire are sometimes also known as wapentakes. These arrangements are varied for large modern cities, where the whole of the present local authority area is normally included in a single volume.

The two general volumes for Derbyshire were published in 1905 and 1907. Both were reprinted in 1970, although these reprints are themselves now out of print. It is the policy of VCH not to revise such general volumes but to proceed with the completion of the topographical volumes for each county. At present, it is intended that topographical volumes should run to about 350 pages, containing some 250,000 words of text and rather more maps and other illustrations than has been the practice in the past.

To deal fully with the parishes of Derbyshire in books of the length proposed, it will be necessary to devote several to each hundred, and a plan has been prepared on this basis, showing how VCH could be completed in the county in about 20 volumes.

Although it will take many years to complete the History for Derbyshire on the lines proposed, the existence of a plan for the whole county makes it possible to see how the work is progressing and to fit contributions on individual parishes into an overall scheme.

To find out where any particular parish you are interested in will appear in the Derbyshire VCH, and whether any work has yet been done on its history, click on the name of the hundred in which the parish lies in the list below (or on City of Derby in the case of parishes that now form part of the city).

City of Derby

Appletree Hundred

High Peak Hundred

Morleston and Litchurch Hundred

Repton and Gresley Hundred

Scarsdale Hundred

Wirksworth Hundred

If you are not sure of the hundred in which a particular place lies, click on Index to Parishes and Townships. If the place you are interested in is not in that list, check K. Cameron, `The Place-Names of Derbyshire' (English Place-Names Society, 1959) or phone the Derbyshire Record Office on 01629 580000 for help