Monthly Prize Draw

Since 1998 the Trust's main fund-raising effort has been a monthly prize draw, in which members make a small regular payment (either £5 or a multiple thereof) into a pool, from which one-sixth of the receipts are paid out as a cash prize each month. At present, with about 200 members, the prize is £100.

The monthly draw has proved a simple, broadly based and successful means of raising money. Instead of relying on one-off donations from a limited circle of private and corporate sponsors, or expecting local authorities to meet the whole cost of its work, the trust has secured the support of a large number of individuals interested in local and family history in Derbyshire. These are people who are willing to set aside a small amount (little more than £1 a week) from their income to enter a competition in which they have a chance of winning a meaningful cash prize.

At the same time, the draw provides the Trust with a regular flow of money, from which it can meet the regular outgoing of a fee to help match-fund activities. The England’s Past for Everyone project was an example of where this regular income helped produce new work.

The Trust's activities (including its continuing education work and support for local history in schools, as well as the basic research for new VCH volumes) could expand considerably if it could fund more editorial time. To do this, it needs more members.

We are therefore appealing through this website to everyone interested in Derbyshire's past, or who has family connections with the county, to consider supporting our work by joining the Derbyshire VCH Trust. In doing so, you will be helping to ensure the continuation (and expansion) of a well-established project of real merit and at the same time have a chance each month to win a worthwhile cash prize.

We should add that although we are keen to encourage more people to take part in the monthly draw, we also welcome subscriptions from anyone who would prefer not to take part in a lottery. Equally, while it is simpler for all concerned if subscriptions are paid by bank standing order, we would be happy to accept single yearly payments of £60 or £120 by cheque to cover twelve monthly stakes of £5 or £10.

If you would like to join the Derbyshire VCH Trust, please print off and complete the Membership Application Form below or contact the Trust's Membership Secretary, Cathrin Wharton, on 07775 780045 or by email

Alternatively, you can make a one-off or occasional donation here