Derbyshire VCH Volume IV: draft text on the web

We will soon be loading draft parish histories to this site. Please check back to see progress on the following parishes:

Ault Hucknall, Heath,  Langwith, Pleasley,  Scarcliffe and Sutton cum Duckmanton

The draft chapters of the Derbyshire volume IV area will now start to be put on the Derbyshire VCH website. Although some chapters are not yet fully complete, they give a good indication of the text that will appear in our published hardback volumes.

Just over half of the next volume exists in draft text.  The aim is to continue the process of drafting and web-publication between now and the end of the 2013-14 academic year with a projected publication date of 2015.

We hope that mounting text in this way will encourage comment and corrections. Anyone is welcome to send in corrections or make suggestions as to how the coverage of certain topics might be improved.