Durham Publications

  • Jan 1905

    Natural History

  • Jan 1907

    Ecclesiastical History

  • Jan 1928

    City of Durham

  • Townscape of Darlington
    Jan 2003

    VCH Studies (Paperback Series)

  • Jan 2005


  • Sunderland and its Origins Cover
    Dec 2007

    Sunderland was once the seat of one of the most important centres of learning in the whole of Europe.

  • Sunderland: Building a City Cover
    Apr 2010

    Sunderland: Building a City traces the physical development of Sunderland from a group of medieval settlements into the city of a new millennium.

  • Nov 2015

    Famed across Europe during Bede's time and the heyday of Wearmouth monastery, Sunderland found a less celebrated renown in the twentieth century with the distress of its heavy...