Sunderland: Building a City

Sunderland: Building a City Cover
Edited by: 
Gillian Cookson
First Published: 
5 April, 2010

Sunderland: Building a City traces the physical development of Sunderland from a group of medieval settlements into the city of a new millennium. The villages and hamlets of the Middle Ages, focusing upon the port and river, laid the foundations of today's flourishing city, which still bears the strong imprint of older neighbourhoods.

Building a City explores the forces behind Sunderland's spectacular growth as a centre of the coal trade, as a commercial power and port, and as a town drawing in many thousands of migrants. Illustrated with modern and historic photographs and drawings, and with specially commissioned maps and plans, the book uncovers Sunderland's earliest settlements, its mansions and estates, its unique industrial landmarks, its working-class housig, middle-class enclaves, and architectural highlights. Building a City is an invaluable guide to the history concealed within the modern landscape, and will be indispensible to anyone who seeks to retain and restore Sunderland's historic assets.

This volume is an accompaniment to Sunderland and its Origins: Monks to Mariners, which presents a detailed history of the medieval and early modern town and port, previously published in the England's Past for Everyone series.

'Stand on Wearmouth bridge and you can still trace the way Sunderland has grown. Much has been lost, but the historic pattern remains: a settlement with a dramatic river gorge at its heart - and this is its history.'Kate Adie