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VCH Essex Diamond Jubilee Appeal


The VCH Essex Trust is in urgent need of additional funds. It is attempting to raise £50,000 to support the completion of the next volume in the series.

The Trust has the long-term objective of ensuring that the History is completed. If more of the researchers' time can be contracted then the History can be completed more rapidly. Currently the funds being raised are used to support research and writing of VCH Volume XII. See Work in Progress.


All donors of the Trust become members, and enjoy the other benefits of Trust Membership. We hope you can join our many supporters!

Donations may be of a single lump sum or via a four-year standing order. The latter is helpful in planning future Trust expenditure.

Donations may be made at any time by contacting the Appeal Fund’s Hon. Secretary:
Mrs Patricia Herrmann, West Bowers Hall, Woodham Walter, Maldon, Essex CM9 6RZ, 01245 222562. E-mail:

The Appeal Fund is seeking new sources of income, especially in the medium to long-term. If you think you may be able to help identify a new source please contact our Honorary Secretary