The VCH’s publications are designed as reference tools for education at all levels, for school teachers and pupils, for students and graduates, and for adult ‘life-long’ learners. Across the VCH nationally a special VCH lottery-funded programme called England's Past for Everyone has been further developing new educational approaches, materials and methods of access.

The best sort of education results in benefits and learning in both directions. VCH researchers have always befitted from the advice and knowledge of local residents, farmers, history groups and local history recorders who have knowledge and sometimes notes, photographs, postcards, publications, and other materials that can greatly assist our work. Furthermore, we always try to ensure that our draft histories are read and commented upon by local people to remove inaccuracies and identify gaps in our research. This results in a much improved history for the whole community

Although not involved directly in England’s Past for Everyone, VCH Essex has pioneered approaches in many of these areas including work with volunteers and collaborations with schools. Below are just some of the additional activities we undertake to assist with learning, at all levels, throughout Essex. You can find more infornmation using the links below

Clacton VCH Group (Clacton at War)

Outreach and talks

Volunteering Opportunities

Clacton VCH Group (WW2 Defences)

Clacton  VCH Group (Education Project)