Gloucestershire News and events

Saxon Church, Duntisbourne Rous
VCH Gloucestershire are seeking to appoint a researcher to work on a number of parishes around Cirencester. See the job advert for full details:
Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester
John Chandler is organising a VCH event on Thursday 14 September for the Gloucester History Festival.  This will be a continuous relay of talks on local/regional history topics in chronological order, the last sentence of one lecture becoming the first of the next.
The draft text of Cheltenham Before the Spa has been posted for comments. This will be published as a 'Short' later this year. The text is available on our  Work in Progress page.
Front page of VCH Gloucestershire Academy Newsletter, January 2017
The latest issue of the VCH Gloucestershire Academy Newsletter, packed full of information about all of our current projects in Cheltenham, Cirencester, and the Sodburys, can be downloaded below. You can read the previous issues here.
The presentation of the volume to the Lord Lieutenant, Dame Janet Trotter.
The latest volume of VCH Gloucestershire, comprising the histories of thirteen parishes to the north of Gloucester, was launched with two events to celebrate its arrival on Wednesday 14 September. In the afternoon, County Editor Dr John Chandler presented some of his favourite 'Tales from the...
Issue number 5 of the VCH Gloucestershire Academy Newsletter can be downloaded below. You can read previous issues here
We are pleased to announce that the recently published Yate Short is now available for Kindle. Priced at £9.50 you can buy your copy here.