About Volume 14

VCH Volume: 
Gloucestershire XIV - Yate and district
Old Sodbury - the parish church

When complete Volume 14 will cover all the ancient parishes of Lower Grumbalds Ash Hundred:

  • Acton Turville
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Dodington
  • Little Sodbury
  • Old Sodbury
  • Tormarton
  • Wapley with Codrington
  • West Littleton
  • Yate.

Work on this volume started with Yate, the research for which is now complete, with the results published as a VCH 'Short' in autumn 2015 . This formed the springboard for the next stage, which is to research the three adjacent parishes of Chipping Sodbury, Lttle Sodbury and Old Sodbury.