About Volume 14

VCH Volume: 
Gloucestershire XIV - Yate and district
Old Sodbury - the parish church

When complete Volume 14 will cover all the ancient parishes of Lower Grumbalds Ash Hundred:

  • Acton Turville
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Dodington
  • Little Sodbury
  • Old Sodbury
  • Tormarton
  • Wapley with Codrington
  • West Littleton
  • Yate.

Work on this volume started with Yate, the research for which is now complete, with the results published as a VCH 'Short' in autumn 2015 . This formed the springboard for the next stage, which was to research the three adjacent parishes of Chipping Sodbury, Lttle Sodbury and Old Sodbury. With this work largely complete, we are turning our attention to the remaining parishes.