About Volume 16

VCH Volume: 
Gloucestershire XVI - Cirencester and district
Cirencester: Market Place and Parish Church

Work on this volume began in October 2013. Draft sections are now being edited. The first section was posted in April 2016 and more are being added as they become available. Francis Boorman has completed the account of the town and parish of Cirencester and started work on Stratton. Katy Layton-Jones has recently begun work on some of the other parishes to be covered by the volume, assisted by our medievalist Beth Hartland:

  • Bagendon
  • Baunton
  • Coates
  • Daglingworth
  • Duntisbourne Abbots
  • Duntisbourne Rous
  • Preston
  • Siddington.

The Gloucestershire County History Trust gratefully acknowledges the very generous and early support of the K. D. Winstone Charitable Trust, which has pledged substantial sums for each of the first four years of planned work on Cirencester.