Hampshire's new short, Basingstoke: A Medieval Town, c. 1000-1600 by John Hare

28 January, 2018 (All day)
Basingstoke: A Medieval Town, c. 1000-1600

Hampshire's third short, Basingstoke: A Medieval Town, c. 1000-1600 by John Hare has just been published. This is the third volume published by the new Victoria County History of Hampshire, after those examining the villages of Mapledurwell and Steventon (the birthplace of Jane Austen), and it is the first to cover Basingstoke itself. 

Basingstoke, a very modern town, has a long, rich and prosperous history. It was a significant market centre for the area around, and a stopping place on the route to London from the west. By 1500 it was clearly the third most important town in Hampshire, and the centre of a major industrial area, whose manufactured cloths formed part of international patterns of trade. Much of the old town has been swept away by the shopping centre, but something of this town survives in the streets and market place of the upper town, in a few surviving buildings and above all in its magnificent church. The book examines these as well as the families, whether outsiders or locals, who made the most   of the new thriving economic conditions, and whose dynamism helped create the town’s expansion.

Copies of all the shorts can be purchased on Hampshire's home page.