Mapledurwell. First new parish history published. Purchase copies now.

24 January, 2013 (All day)
Mapledurwell St Mary's Church

John Hare, Jean Morrin and Stan Waight, Mapledurwell (The Victoria History of Hampshire, London 2012)

Mapledurwell is a picturesque, rural village near Basingstoke, whose parish is driven through by all who use the M3 motorway. This volume, the first in a new series of the Victoria County History of Hampshire, takes account of changes in the village and in historical writing since the first edition a century before.  It is based on extensive study of the rich documentation that survives from its long ownership by Corpus Christi College Oxford and Winchester College.


There is perhaps no such thing as a typical Hampshire village but this volume  provides an exemplar for historians elsewhere in the county working on their own villages and it should be of much wider interest than to those who know the village. It shows us something of the changes that have taken place in many Hampshire villages: the medieval open field agriculture so graphically illustrated in an estate map of 1616; the inclosure of the arable in 1797, the change from a 19th century community of farmers to a commuter village with only one working farm.  Many houses go back to the village’s period of prosperity in the later 15th and 16th centuries, when the cloth industry was flourishing in the Basingstoke area, but these timber-framed cores were often added to  with brick facing in the 18th century and now garages and extensions in the last generation.  Initially a chapel of a neighbouring village, the church went through periodic phases of remodelling, but remains a small and isolated building. While village and school remained dominated by the Church of England, it contained an important Quaker family and later a short-lived Congregationalist chapel. Throughout the quality of the documentation allows light to be shed on some of the village families for many generations.

Copies can be purchased form Dr Jean Morrin. History Dept., University of Winchester, Winchester SO22 4NR. Price £7 plus £2 P&P. Cheques for £9 should be made out to Hampshire Archives Trust.