Transformation of Victorian Basingstoke

15 November, 2014 (All day)
Day conference: Milestones Museum Basingstoke

Basingstoke has a rich and forgotten history, with a series of transformations of which the expansion of modern Basingstoke is merely the last. The redevelopment of the 1960s swept away the old heart of the town, and with it much of the evidence of an earlier Victorian transformation. Then, under the influence of the railways, the town had changed from a market town to an  important manufacturing centre, producing for national and international markets. In recent years this neglected past has been re-examined in the work of the New Victoria County History of Hampshire which has focused its activities on Basingstoke and its rural hinterland.

One of the modern additions to the town is the Milestones Museum, which houses the industrial archaeology collection of the County Museum service and contains a variety of machinery and reconstructed buildings, some coming from Basingstoke companies referred to during the day (such as Wallis and Steevens, Thornycroft, and Joice) and others from elsewhere in the county (such as the Taskers of Andover). The day should provide an excellent opportunity to examine this fascinating collection. 

The programme will include talks on the surviving buildings of Victorian and early twentieth century Basingstoke, on the industries that transformed the town ( the machinery of Wallis and Steevens, and the clothing of Burberry and its associated companies), on the Milestones collections and on the lost buildings of Basingstoke.


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