Hampshire Work in progress

Hampshire New Series Vol II

  • Hampshire volunteers are researching the following parishes. Cliddesden Lying approximately 3 miles south of Basingstoke a large part of the centre of the village is a Conservation Area.  Parliamentary Papers are being researched. Census and...
  • Cliddesden, Hatch and Farleigh Wallop by Alison Deveson and Sue Lane has been published as a short (November 2018 ).
  • These are draft texts which will be changed before publication.
  • Cliddesden, Hatch and Farleigh Wallop  by Alison Deveson and Sue Lane has been published as a short (November 2018).
  • Herriard parish lies east of Basingstoke. It includes the hamlet of Southrope. Most of the land in 2015 is owned by the Jervoise family, who have been lords of the manor of Herriard since the 17th century. These texts are work in progress which will...
  • Mapledurwell was published in 2012 as a VCH 'Short' paperback. Copies can be purchased locally in Hampshire from Dr Jean Morrin or via the School of Advanced study.
  • Nately Scures was a small parish divided into four sections until the late 19th century. The parish was abolished in 1932 and its lands divded between the surrounding parishes of Hook, Newnham and Odiham. These drafts are work in progress and will...
  • These chapters are draft text which will be revised before publication.
  • Old Basing is a large village, situated just east of Basingstoke. It is famous for Basing House, an aerial view of the ruins of which is depicted in the Hampshire county banner above. Basing House, the home of the royalist, marquess of Winchester,...
  • Steventon was the birthplace of Jane Austen and where she wrote the first version of Pride and Prejudice. Jean Morrin, Steventon, was launched on 10 September 2016 and is available to purchase from the Hampshire page
  • These chapters are draft texts which will be revised before publication.
  • Up Nately and Andwell. These texts are works in progress and will be edited before publication. The authors are  John Hare and Stan Waight. Since 1932 Mapledurwell, Up Nately and Andwell have been united into one civil parish.  
  • These are draft chapters which will be revised before publication.
  • This is a draft text which will be updated before publication.

Hampshire New Series Vol I

  • Basingstoke and its environs. This volume is being researched and written by Hampshire volunteers, led by Dr Jean Morrin. It will include the urban and rural history of the town of Basingstoke from the middle ages to the present day....
  • Basingstoke Canal by Derek Spruce
  • Inns and breweries in the early modern and modern period played an important role in the economy of Basingstoke.
  • Basingstoke was for long an important market town in north-east Hampshire, but in the 15th and 16th centuries it also became a major centre of the cloth industry. It was good documentation at this crucial time and offers the opportunity to provide a...
  • Advance rollers manufactured by Wallis and Steevens from the 1920s ensured the success of the company for over 50 years. The authors of this text are a group of Hampshire volunteers led by Bob Clarke. these texts will be revised before final...
  • This section is the work of Bob Clarke with assistance from the Hampshire volunteers. It is a draft text which will be changed before publication.
  • This section is the work of John Ashworth, Jennie Butler, Bob Clarke, John Hare, Diane Kelly, Barbara Large, Daphne Reggler, Derek Spruce and Joan Wilson. It is draft text which will be altered before publication.
  • The history of Basingstoke schools from the sixteenth century to the present. Jennie Butler is the author of this section. Basingstoke Education to 1902 is on line in two sections.
  • This section is the work of Derek Spruce and will be part of the modern history section of the new series volume one.