Lecture 'Two 17th-century Ledbury Clergymen and their Circle'

19 June, 2013 - 18:30
St Katherine's Hall, Ledbury, Herefordshire
A photograph of the memorial to Dr John Hoskins


The 16th and 17th centuries were times of major change in church and society, with the Reformation and the rise of Nonconformity. Hereford diocese was considered backward, a place where people clung to the old, pre-Reformation ways. Reforming bishops struggled to bring the diocese into line with the Church of England, bringing in university-educated clergy. This talk looks at two Ledbury clergy, Thomas Thornton, master of St. Katherine’s hospital 1612 – 29 and John Hoskins vicar of Ledbury 1612 – 31, and their circle, notably William St. Barbe, rector of the neighbouring parish of Eastnor 1591 – 1619. How did they fit in to the society of Herefordshire, and how successful were they and their colleagues in bringing people to conformity with Church of England?


Dr Janet Cooper, chairman of VCH Herefordshire, will speak on this fascinating circle of of people.


Entrance £5 (including tea/coffee) payable on the door.


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