VCH Herefordshire visit to Court of Noke

3 September, 2013 (All day)
An image of Edward Bulmer and supporters of VCH Herefordshire

27 volunteers and supporters of VCH Herefordshire had a fascinating visit to Court of Noke, thanks to the kindness of Edward Bulmer. He welcomed us into his home, telling us the history of the house,partly researched by our own David Whitehead and VCH former-editor Christopher Currie. The house was probably built about 1700 and is surrounded on two sides by contemporary watergardens, unusual for Herefordshire. The water system was altered in the 19th century to power a waterwheel to drive farm machinery. By the mid 20th century the canal had become silted up. Mr Bulmer and his wife have slowly been bringing the house and gardens back to life since 1997.


After the visit to the Noke, the party went on to the village of Kingsland, where an excellent afternoon tea was had at The Garden.