Kent Publications

  • Kent Vol I
    Jan 1908

    Natural History, Early Man, Anglo-Saxon Remains, Ancient Earthworks, Agriculture, Forestry, Sport

  • Kent Vol II
    Jan 1926

    Ecclesiastical History, Religious Houses, Maritime History

  • Kent Vol III
    Jan 1932

    Romano-British Remains, Domesday, Domesday Monachorum, Political History, Social and Economic History, Industries

  • Sep 2009

    In 1750 the lower Medway Valley, the area between the towns of Maidstone and Rochester, was firmly part of Kent's 'Garden of England'.

  • Medway Towns
    May 2013

    This book explores the impact of these changes on the people who lived and worked in the Medway Towns, the transformation of the political and economic scene and of the built...