Status: Active, 5 volumes published

Research and writing are now underway, to add more Leicestershire parish histories to the VCH.

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Leicestershire has a rich, but little known history. You’ve probably heard that Richard III was buried here, but how much more do you know?

Five volumes have been published in the Leicestershire VCH series, the last in 1964. Other counties have made better progress. Leicestershire VCH Trust was formed in 2008/9 and aims to complete the Leicestershire parish history series. With 300 parishes still to research and publish, it is a long-term project.

Thanks to our donors, supporters and volunteer researchers, our first book since 1964 is now being published – a history of Castle Donington. This was launched at a celebratory event in March 2017 and is now available to purchase.

Best known today for its airport and for the motor-racing circuit and rock festivals at Donington Park, Castle Donington was a medieval town. It has a fascinating history: the castle was ordered to be destroyed in 1216 (but probably wasn’t) and vandalised by the royal army in 1322, four lords were executed, the mills were swept away by floods on three occasions, river crossings were garrisoned by the crown and taken for parliament in the civil war, there were food riots and the burning in effigy of Tom Paine. Religious nonconformity featured strongly (the image, right, is of the laying of the foundation stones for a new Methodist church in 1905). Our book tells the story of this community, including the settlements at King’s Mills and Cavendish Bridge, from earliest times to the present day.

We are also researching the history of other towns and villages across the county, including Buckminster and Sewstern, Welby and Lutterworth. Draft histories are complete for Kirby bellars and Leire. Our work-in-progress pages provides more details.

Our Charnwood Roots project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and has its own website. We are now in the final stages of this four-year project, researching the history of 35 towns and villages across the Charnwood area of Leicestershire. The project will culminate with a Heritage Festival at Beaumanor Hall in May 2017.

We are making good progress through the generous support of local people and businesses. We have no permanent funding, and rely on local people and businesses to help to fund this work. You can help us turn our vision into reality. A donation to Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust (charity no. 1128575) will help us to cover the cost of travel to the National Archives and other distant record offices, and to provide training and support to our volunteer researchers. We have a Friends scheme, where your annual donation can be boosted by Gift Aid, and a 200 Club, which gives you a chance to win a cash prize in our quarterly draws.

For further details or to make a donation, please contact The Secretary, Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust, Marc Fitch Historical Institute, 5 Salisbury Road, Leicester, LE1 7QR, email leicsvch@le.ac.uk or complete and return the form on the 'Support' section of this website.




Leicestershire Vol I
William Page
Jan 1907
Leicestershire Vol II
W.G. Hoskins
Jan 1954
Leicestershire Vol III
W. G. Hoskins and R.A. McKinley
Jan 1955
Leicestershire Vol IV
R. A. McKinley
Jan 1958
Leicestershire Vol V
J. M. Lee and R. A. McKinley
Jan 1964

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