200 Club

Leicestershire VCH Trust has been successful in winning grants to fund its larger projects, but it is no exaggeration to say that none of this would have been possible without financial support from local people who care about the history of Leicestershire. Developing new projects and raising the necessary funds to support them takes time and resources. Modest donations raised locally have helped us to obtain much larger grants for the benefit of the people of Leicestershire.

Our 200 Club was formed in 2013 to help raise the funds that the Trust needs to cover some of its core running costs, provide continued support to our existing volunteers and sustain our outreach work. This is a lottery scheme, in which members have the chance to win up to £500 each quarter while at the same time supporting a worthy cause.

To find out more about the scheme please download the attached application form, email us at leicsvch@le.ac.uk, or write to Leicestershire VCH Trust, 5 Salisbury Road, Leicester, LE1 7QR.