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This summer we are pleased to announce the publication of our very first Middlesex and London Short books: Knightsbridge and Hyde and St Clement Danes.

If you have ever wondered how Knightsbridge and Hyde came to be known as such and how they developed into today’s Hyde Park and adjacent shopping centre then Pamela Taylor’s work sheds new light on this renowned area of central London. It retraces a forgotten landscape by uncovering an earlier, larger Knightsbridge and showing how the parish has been redefined from the thirteenth century through to the present day.

Although the parish of St Clement Danes was superseded by the London County Council in 1900, it was originally one of four ancient Westminster parishes and up until the late 1800s was home to some of the best-preserved medieval buildings in London. Home to the Royal Courts of Justice and the Strand, today the former civil parish is largely a product of substantial redevelopment during the Imperial zenith of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. This book retraces the changing nature of the parish from the Restoration of 1660 until 1900, uncovering new information on the built environment, political and religious histories of this the original parish and placing this within a wider social context.



Get involved in new VCH research in Westminster where work is restarting thanks to the support of Councillor Judith Warner, who was Lord Mayor of Westminster from May 2010 to 2011. During her mayoral year, the Lord Mayor supported the County History Trust, which holds VCH London & Middlesex funds, as one of her three mayoral year charities. Everything raised during that year is being used to fund research for our second Westminster volume, VCH Middlesex 14 – The City of Westminster: Local Government and Social Life – and contribute to the third and last volume of the set, on the physical growth and economy of the City.

Volume 14 will focus on the complexities of Westminster’s local government, a theme never comprehensively investigated, and on the social life of the local community. Work is well underway with VCH Research Officers, Dr Mark Latham and Dr Francis Boorman, and volunteers, Jonathan Comber, Helen Glass and Ros Hampton. We would like to involve other experienced historians as volunteer researchers. There are many aspects that may interest you - from the history of individual theatres, schools and municipal buildings to the provision of vital public services, and the development of charities. See our research plan on the About page and how to participate in research or fundraising by clicking on Support.


This convivial club has been founded to raise funds for the project. More information can be found here



Victoria History of London I
William Page
Jan 1909
Title page Middlesex II
William Page
Nov 1911
Middlesex III title page
Susan Reynolds
Nov 1962
VCH Middlesex I title page
J.S. Cockburn, H.P.F. King, K.G.T. McDonnell
Jan 1969
Middlesex VI title page
T.F.T Baker
Nov 1969

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Grosvenor Estate makes donation towards Westminster research
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Talk hosted by the Westminster History Club
Talk hosted by the Westminster History Club
Talk hosted by the Westminster History Club

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