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VCH Volume: 
Northamptonshire Vol VIII: Towcester and Hinterland

Volume VIII covers the historic market town of Towcester and the parishes which comprise its ancient hundred. Like volume VII on Corby, some of the work will be written by consultants on short-term contracts, but the Trustees are also drawing on a wider range of expertise and scholarship, both nationally and in the local area, and have already established connections with the Towcester and District Local History Society.

The Towcester volume will be structured in accordance with the Victoria County History's approach for documenting the history of small market towns and will include the following sections:


 Introduction to Towcester Hundred         10,000 words               

Towcester Parish and Town

Boundaries, Landscape and Population   2,500 words                       

Communications                                       2,500 words                 

Origin and Development of the Town       10,000 words               

Town Buildings                                          10,000 words               

Landownership                                           7,500 words                 

Urban Economic History                            12,500 words               

Local Government                                      7,500 words                 

Social and Political History                         12,500 words               

Religious History                                         12,500 words               

Rural Parts of the Parish                             12,500 words               

Rural Parishes

Abthorpe                                                      15,000 words               

Cold Higham                                                15,000 words               

Gayton                                                         15,000 words               

Pattishall                                                       15,000 words               

Tiffield                                                           15,000 words