VCH Volume: 
Nottinghamshire Vol III

The ancient parish of East Leake occupies 2,530 acres about 10 miles south-west of Nottingham. It is bounded to the north-east by Bunny, to the east by Costock, to the south-east by Rempstone and to the south by Stanford on Soar and Normanton on Soar. It is bounded on the west by West Leake and on the north-west by Gotham. The northern part of the parish boundary is formed by field hedges and small watercourses which flow northwards to join the Fairham brook. The north-eastern boundary is formed by hedges and a stream which flows southwards to join the Kingston brook, which in turn forms part of the boundary. The Kingston brook flows through the parish and forms a small part of the western boundary. The south-eastern boundary is formed by hedges. To the south the boundary is firstly hedges, then part of Stanford Park and finally a small stream flowing from east to west. The western boundary is formed by hedges. No changes to either the civil or ecclesiastical parish boundaries are recorded before 1974.


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