Support the Oxfordshire VCH

The Oxfordshire VCH cannot be completed without funding, which currently comes from:

  • The VCH Oxfordshire Trust - established in 1997 to raise funds for completion of the Oxfordshire series, and the project's principal funder since 2011. (Read more)
  •  Oxfordshire County Council - which acts as employer, provides accommodation, and co-funds the County Editor's post
  • The History Faculty of Oxford University, which support the VCH's work in kind and through small discretionary grants

In 2011 County Council funding for the Oxfordshire VCH had to be drastically reduced because of pressure on local government finance. Fundraising by the VCH Oxfordshire Trust has never been more important if we are to fulfil our aim of completing the VCH's coverage of Oxfordshire. Eighteen volumes out of 23 planned have already been published, with two others well advanced, and plans in place for the final three. Together we can complete this unique series, providing an invaluable resource for current and future generations.

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coverage and future plans

work in progress

how you can help