What is the Victoria County History?

John Speed's map of Oxfordshire, 1611

The Victoria County History (or VCH) is a unique local history project which is gradually producing reliable, systematic and fully researched histories of every town and village in England, available in book form and on the world wide web.

The series was founded in 1899 to celebrate Queen Victoria's recent Diamond Jubilee - hence the name. Since then, over 225 volumes have been published, covering more than 3,500 separate parishes.

Modern VCH histories are very different from those written 100 or even 30 years ago. But all VCH histories provide a solid bedrock on which others can build, supported by detailed references which readers can follow up. Many (including all 18 published Oxfordshire volumes) are now available online.

Find out more about the VCH in Oxfordshire, how the VCH is written, or about VCH Oxfordshire's publications and current projects.