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Oxfordshire XIX - Wychwood Forest and Environs
Wychwood Forest

Work on the Wychwood Forest area of west Oxfordshire is scheduled for publication late in 2019, and the completed volume (peer-reviewed during 2018) has now been submitted for production.

The volume introduction, which gives an overview of some of the main themes, is available here in typescript pending full publication, which will include additional maps and illustrations.

The volume as a whole looks at the great royal Forest of Wychwood and at a dozen places in and around it, including the exceptionally large ancient parish of Shipton-under-Wychwood with its scattered hamlets of Langley, Leafield, Lyneham, Milton-under-Wychwood, and Ramsden. Around the fringes lay Ascott-under-Wychwood, Bruern (with its Cistercian abbey), Fifield, and Idbury, together with the important country house at Cornbury Park. Though the whole of this area was included in the Forest at the period of its greatest extent in the 12th century, not all the parishes were heavily wooded - Idbury, for instance, on the western fringe, was a typical Cotswold village with extensive open fields. The relationship between woodland and non-woodland areas will be be one of the broader themes explored in the volume.

Places covered (see map): Ascott-u-Wychwood - Bruern - Fifield - Idbury - Leafield - Lyneham - Milton-u-Wychwood - Ramsden - Shipton-u-Wychwood (including Langley) - Wychwood Forest and Cornbury

A major fundraising campaign to support this and future work is being conducted by the VCH Oxfordshire Trust.

A glossary of a few unavoidable technical terms used occasionally in these drafts is available here.

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