Shropshire Vol IV

Shropshire Vol IV
Edited by: 
G.C. Baugh
First Published: 
1 January, 1989

This volume is devoted to the story of agriculture in Shropshire from the earliest times to the present day. It is the work of a team of expert authors. The introductory chapter discusses the environmental background provided by the natural landscape, soils, and climate. There follows a comprehensive survey in six chronological chapters, divided at the time of the Domesday survey, the end of the 13th century, the dissolution of the monasteries, the mid 18th century, and 1875. Each chapter deals systematically with the ownership and division of the land, the various methods of exploiting it, agricultural technology and practice, live-stock breeds, the changing prosperity of landowners and farmers and labourers, and the marketing of produce. Where appropriate, the authors consider such topics as inclosure and other changes in the man-made landscape, rural housing, and agricultural education. Besides offer-ing an informed and thoroughly docu-mented view of a fundamental aspect of Shropshire's history, the book provides many new insights into the agricultural and economic evolution of English rural society