VCH Counties

Here you will find a list of all counties covered or partially covered by the VCH. Select a county from the list or on the map and you will be taken to the county’s Home Page. From there you can explore what VCH volumes have been published in that county series and what VCH work is in progress and news of VCH and other local history activities. To see other results of VCH research in the county, search by county name on VCH Explore.

VCH Counties navigational mapDevonshire Cornwall Somerset Wiltshire Surrey Oxfordshire Essex Hampshire London/Middlesex Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire Berkshire Bedfordshire Suffolk Cambridgeshire Norfolk Huntingdonshire Northamptonshire Staffordshire Rutland Lincolnshire Worcestershire Leicestershire Herefordshire Westmorland Shropshire Cheshire Northumberland Derbyshire Yorkshire, East Riding East Sussex Warwickshire Yorkshire, West Riding Cumberland Lancashire West Sussex Yorkshire, North Riding Kent Gloucestershire Dorset

  • Remember, the VCH covers England only.
  • If your county isn't listed, it may not have been started.
  • If your county has not been started or has had to cease work through lack of funding, contact the VCH central office to see if you can assist with fundraising for this important local and national resource.