Where Were They From?

Avon below Bristol Bridge (for Bristol's history see the Victoria County History

Your family history is more than your ancestry. The people in your story rich, poor or middling, happy or unfortunate, urban or rural lived in a real world whose traces lie all around waiting to be explored. Exmoor farmers, Derbyshire miners, Sunderland mariners, Oxfordshire wool merchants, Cornish fishermen, soldiers in Wiltshire, Asians in Bristol, clergymen in Cornwall and many more will be met on the Explore England website.
Find out more about the people in your family story. Discover the landscape they knew and loved, churches and chapels where they worshiped and were baptised, married and buried, the farms and factories where they worked, the schools they attended, the villages and streets where they lived, the societies to which they belonged, the shops and markets which supplied their needs, the social and medical facilities available to them, the place which shaped the people they were. From Sunderland to Mousehole and from Havering atte Bower to Chester the Victoria County History has them covered.
The rich sources in the Victoria County History in print and on-line can add life and colour to the bare branches of family trees. Exploring the places in your family story can open up whole new worlds to explore. Houses and shops in Herefordshire and Oxfordshire, churches in Cornwall and Exmoor, mines and factories in Derbyshire and Durham, towns in Essex and Kent, country houses in Derbyshire and Sussex, army camps in Wiltshire and farms in Exmoor.
If your ancestors were city dwellers you will find we cover Chelsea and Bethnel Green, Oxford and Cambridge, Manchester and Liverpool, Coventry and Birmingham, Hull and York, Bristol and Gloucester.