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The eleven volumes of the Somerset VCH that have already been published are an extraordinary historical resource. But in order for the project to continue we need your help. Researching, editing and publishing new volumes take a significant amount of money, even when much expert help is given voluntarily.

We aim to raise at least £20,000 per year to support the Somerset VCH.  This will ensure that it continues to play a vital part in recording and making available the county’s rich and remarkable history.

Your donation to the project will help with



          Publishing costs

          Making Somerset’s history more widely available 

VCH Somerset is for anyone who wants to find out more about the historic county, its places and people. The big red books not only provide information on all aspects of local history but are guides to the wealth of printed and manuscript materials relating to Somerset places.

Volumes are available in libraries and record offices, as well as to purchase. They are also made available on line and attract thousands of research users from all over the world.

For Jubilee Year 2012 we prepared a new presentation on the history and work of the Somerset VCH, which is available to any history groups who would like a presentation, and in 2013 we launched the VCH Somerset Partnership, a support and fundraising group, at the new Museum of Somerset in Taunton Castle. In 2014 the Partnership became the Somerset County History Trust and in 2015 that Trust became a Registered Charity Number 1161263.

An online donation to the County History Trust can be earmarked to help fund VCH Somerset's research and publication both in print and on the web. Please specify you want the money used to benefit Somerset. 

For more information and to donate on line click here.

Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to the Somerset County History Trust to the address below. The Somerset County History Trust is a Registered Charity Number 1161263.

We value your data and do not pass on our mailing list. A copy of our data protection privacy policy is attached.

Supporting the VCH

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please contact:

VCH Somerset

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Tel: 01823 347456


Donations should be made payable to the

Somerset County History Trust

If you would like to help by hosting the Somerset VCH presentation contact the County Editor.

All events will be advertised nationally through the news and events section of our website.

Thank you for your support.