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Somerset Volume XII
Withycombe mill was rebuilt c. 1800 and ceased working in theearly 20th century

Withycombe parish lies largely hidden in the hills south of Carhampton whose ancient parish formerly surrounded it on the north, west and south. The village lies in the steep-sided valley known as the Combe from which it takes its name. It is completely surrounded by hills except to the north-east where the valley opens out, crossed by the Williton to Minehead road, affording a view of the Welsh mountains across the sea. Although less affected by tourism than its neighbours it has seen a steady trickle of visitors for at least a hundred years. The artist John William North sought solace here in 1904 after the death of his wife and stayed for ten years. Although there is no hotel there are holiday homes and the Macmillan Way long distance footpath passes through the centre of the village.