Status: Active, 14 volumes published

The Victoria County History of Staffordshire aims to write an authoritative history of the county from earliest times to the present via a combination of general and topographical articles.  The general articles are concerned with topics covering the whole county (for example the Staffordshire entries in the Domesday Book).  The rest deal with individual towns and villages within the area of the ancient county of Staffordshire before modern reorganisation.  Fourteen volumes have been completed (the most recent, on North Staffordshire, centred on Audley, Keele and Trentham),  was published in March 2013. A report and a gallery of images from the launch of Volume XI can be found here.


Staffordshire Vol I
William Page
Jan 1908
Staffordshire Vol IV
L.Margaret Midgley
Jan 1958
Staffordshire Vol V
L. Margaret Midgley
Jan 1959
Staffordshire Vol VIII
J. G. Jenkins
Jan 1963
Staffordshire Vol II
M.W. Greenslade, J.G. Jenkins