Status: Active, 18 volumes published

The Wiltshire Victoria County History Trust was formed in 2013 to complete the Wiltshire series of the VCH.   Good progress had already been made over a substantial period of time but, with local authority and university funding no longer available, we decided a new approach was needed and set up the Trust to raise funds and commission the necessary research and writing.

The task is substantial but achievable: work is well under way on Volumes 19 and 20 and a further five volumes after that will complete the series. These pages describe what we are doing and how we are setting about it.

Of the 18 volumes produced so far, volumes 1 to 5 are on general topics covering the whole county and volume 6 onwards cover specific areas: the plan here shows the places already covered. Volumes 3 to 18 are available via British History Online and can be found either here or by following the links in the publication list.

We are now working on Volume 20, covering the town of Chippenham and its surroundings, and Volume 19 covering the area around Mere in the south of the county. Substantial progress has been made on both volumes and is described here.

We need both to keep local communities in touch with our work and to raise substantial amounts of money. To this end we hold a number of events, run an organisation for the Friends of Wiltshire VCH and keep in touch with a regular newsletter. We encourage anyone with an interest in Wiltshire’s history to join us as a Friend: more details here.

http://www.mychippenham.org.uk/ – our website focussed particularly on the work for Volume 20

Facebook:          www.Facebook.com/MyChippenham

Twitter:             @vchwiltshire  



Wiltshire Vol 7
R. B. Pugh and Elizabeth Crittall
Jan 1953
R. B. Pugh and Elizabeth Crittall
Jan 1955
R. B. Pugh and Elizabeth Crittall
Jan 1956
Wiltshire Vol I part i
R. B. Pugh and Elizabeth Crittall
Jan 1957
Wiltshire Vol V
R. B. Pugh
Jan 1957

News and events

Draft text for Wiltshire volume 19 - West Knoyle
A talk by Mike Stone
A talk by John Chandler
Wiltshire volume XX, Chippenham and Environs

Work in progress

This draft text, by John Chandler, describes the parish of West Knoyle 3 miles e...
Volume 20 covers the town of Chippenham and the surrounding parishes of Bremhill...
The parish of Monkton Deverill was never little more than a chapelry of Longbrid...
The parish of Kingston Deverill stands c.9 km south of Warminster and c.6 km nor...
The large parish of Longbridge Deverill lies to the south and west of Warminster...