About Volume XX

VCH Volume: 
Wiltshire Vol XX
St Andrew's Church, Chippenham

Volume 20 covers the town of Chippenham and the surrounding parishes of Bremhill, Chippenham, Christian Malford (including the detached hamlet of Avon), Hardenhuish, Kington St Michael (including Kington Langley), Langley Burrell, Pewsham (extra-parochial), and Tytherton Kellaways.

Work is well on its way and the first draft texts are available as listed below. Rosalind Johnson has produced drafts on the religious history of Chippenham parish and part of the social history, dealing with the development of education provision. John Chandler has produced the first part of the introduction. Work is in progress to complete these sections, as well as Chippenham economic history (Richard Hoyle). A trawl of printed primary sources, mostly of the medieval period, has been undertaken by Gordon McKelvie, covering all the parishes to be included in the volume.

We expect to award contracts for the chapters on Chippenham government and politics and Outer Chippenham manors in early 2018. We are also working with the parishes of Bremhill, Kington Langley and Kington St Michael: the Kingtons are raising funds locally to help with the production of the relevant chapter and Bremhill is working on a volunteer-based approach to producing not only the relevant chapter for the VCH volume but also a more comprehensive local history. We expect to be able to update information on all these initiatives in the first half of 2018.

More information about the work and our authors is on our MyChippenham website . If you have any comments, corrections or general feedback on this text, please contact John Chandler by email.