Compton Chamberlayne

VCH Volume: 
Wiltshire Vol XIX
Compton House and Park, seen from across the lake.

Compton Chamberlayne lies c.7 km. W of Wilton, to the south of the river Nadder. The village which forms the main settlement lies in a small valley running south from the river, and lying until the later 18th century either side of an unnamed tributary of the main river, which may be the Luing Lac referred to in a Saxon charter of Baverstock. The village is in the north of the parish, and there is some scattered settlement elsewhere. Compton House, at the northern end of the village and next to the parish church, is probably located on the ancient manorial site. To the east of Compton House, straddling the valley, lies Compton Park, a medieval deer park landscaped in the 18th century in Arcadian style, with two large lakes which still form the focus of the park.

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The following files, added in December 2013, form the completed text of the history of Compton Chamberlayne, which will be published in VCH Wiltshire XIX in 2014: