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Tithe maps were drawn up when tithe payments (a clergy-support tax of a tenth of all parish produce including fish) were commuted or changed to equal

An aged schoolmaster is noted at Newlyn in 1829, but the location of his school is unclear.

The origins of the present school at Mousehole can be traced to the 1840s or early 1850s.

Joanna Mattingly was pleased to find this resource.  The piece of the Mayoress's girdle was apparently kept as proof of Mousehole’s former status. 

Prior to the Norman Conquest, the Saxon church was the cathedral of Cornwall, and set in beautiful surroundings the present building has a special

St Michael's church is built on a medieval site, therefore there are likely to be medieval footings/foundations.  (Extract from questionnaire)

Please do look at the 'potted history' prepared by our volunteer researcher. 

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The church of St Creed is a building of much interest and beauty; the south aisle (in pre-reformation days the Jesus aisle, with its own altar) is