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Established in 1935, the Bay Tree Hotel encompasses two earlier houses.

Despite the early 18th-century style of the window surrounds and a broken pediment above the doorway, this is a mid 19th-century rebuild of an earl

Two cottages here in the 1650s were replaced in the early 18th century by a single farmstead, where malting was carried out long before the establi

The blocked doorway left of centre shows that No. 18 was once a pair of cottages, erected probably in the mid 17th century.

No. 16 Witney Street is modern, built c.1990 on the site of the former Agg's builders' yard.

No. 55 probably has 16th-century origins, and shows evidence of timber framing.

This further row of probably 17th-century cottages has also been repeatedly altered, re-divided, and recombined. No.

The street continues with a further line of 17th-century rubble cottages, whose 19th-century occupants included labourers, a groom and gardener, an

This site formerly included two cottages, shown in 1920s photographs.

In the 19th century this long range comprised two pairs of cottages.