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Most of the present house is late 17th-century, built probably by the chandler Thomas Parsons who owned and lived in it in 1708.

Several houses at Witney Street's north-west end (before the modern cul-de-sac of Sylvester Close) began as outbuildings for premises on High Stree

The large gable facing the street at No.

By 1753 this building was the Chequers inn, still open in 1782.

In the 17th and early 18th centuries this was the Star Inn, owned and sometimes occupied by members of the Taylor family.

Externally there are few clues to the age and interest of this building.

The house has 17th-century origins, and in 1703 was owned by a carpenter and apparently let as four properties.

These three separate houses are probably all of 17th-century origin. No.

The apparently symmetrical front conceals a 17th-century house, with a stair turret leading to the upper rooms.

From 1587 to 1628 the site belonged to William Hewes alias Calcott, and in 1607 seems to have had only a barn.