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In 1851 there were only 13 Dulverton people in Wales, mainly wives and servants, but by 1891 there were 102.

One of the purposes of the inventory was to determine the probate fees, so the inventory was valued.

Most Exmoor place names are of Old English origin and represent features of the landscape.

Exmoor National Park Authority bought the Simonsbath sawmill from the Fortescue estate in the 1990s to safeguard the character of the building and

The farming year on Exmoor required seasonal movement of animals to make maximum use of grass growth during the summer months and to provide the li

There are many reasons why farmsteads become abandoned.

Following disafforestation, manors gained control of their own commons yet, were not always successful in maintaining it. Disputes were taken to th

In much of England in the Middle Ages, routine business relating to local communities was conducted at the appropriate manorial court, while seriou

After the Conquest, there seems to have been much more activity as the parish structure emerged on Exmoor.

Robert Londe (d.