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While many remote farms on Exmoor had wind and oil powered generators for electricity in the 20th century, only Dulverton had an ambitious scheme t

A coin hoard found in 2006 is a striking reminder of the terrible damage the Civil War did to ordinary people's lives.

The first bishop of Wells, Athelm, was recorded in 909, so in 2009 the diocese celebrated 1100 years of history.

Although not recorded until 1204 Stogursey Castle was presumably built before 1166 when William de Curci III, lord of Stogursey held a barony of 27

Kingweston from the 13th century was an independent parish with its own rector appointed by the priors, later abbots, of Bermondsey.

Kingweston House and its grounds dominate the small parish of Kingweston as they have done since the late 18th century when the Dickinsons built th

Men from Castle Cary and surrounding villages fought in both world wars.

Despite some early recusancy and nonconformity, dissent did not flourish in the area until the 19th century when it may have been encouraged by the

Many rural areas had fairs from the Middle Ages until the 19th century or later but few have left behind such a distinctive site as West Lydford's

Apothecaries and surgeons were based in Dunster from at least the early 17th century, serving the area around as well as Dunster itself, so it is n