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Bird's-eye view of Chatsworth

The creation of the 3rd earl's magnificent mansion was accompanied by the imposition of impressive formal gardens on the Elizabethan park.  They were laid out c. 1685-1703 by George London and Henry Wise, who also were responsible for creating many gardens for English royalty. Bird's-eye views of such gardens conveyed their scale and the complexity of the patterns designed to be admired from the first-floor state apartments of the house. Formal gardens, conspicuous symbols of great wealth, were expensive to maintain. Very few remain. As fashions changed during the 18th century they were swept away in favour of more naturally landscaped parks. That at Chatsworth was designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown in the 1750s. 

Courtesy of Derbyshire Local Studies Libraries and Picture the Past
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Bird's-eye view of Chatsworth from the south-west in the 1690s, showing the magnificent formal gardens which surrounded the remodelled mansion.
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Elizabeth Williamson