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The design for Kemp Town published 1826


Once Thomas Kemp had managed to get the 632 acres of pasture land surrounding Brighton enclosed, he was able to plan more projects of which this huge scheme and Ireland's Royal Gardens to the north of the town were two. This was because Kemp owned the majority of the shares in this land. At the date of this print, the scheme was a little distance from the edge of the town. Kemp built St. George's Church  to the west of this scheme and not shown above. To the east of the scheme and also not shown was the gas works.  Sussex Square and the huge crescent and its flanking terraces facing the sea were built and still stand. Kemp also laid out the gardens but they have been altered and begun the terraces down the cliff not shown in this plan. This a huge project might have been influenced by the development of Regent's Park in London which is earlier.

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The design for Kemp Town published 1826
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Charles A. Busby